Nov 23-- We win the JURY PRIZE of CineFlix! Huge thanx to John Schneider, Alicia Allain, and all the other filmmakers who participated.

Oct 2-- Proud to join John Schneider and John Schneider Studios' bold new experimental film showcase CINEFLIX which brings Louisiana cinema to theaters in eight cities in eight weeks this fall. First stop, Slidell, LA, followed by Gulfport/Biloxi and Hattiesburg in MS, two Tampa, FL-area towns, Palm Beach, and greater-Atlanta, before returning home to Baton Rouge.

Summer-- Private screenings. If we told you about them they wouldn't be private!

June 2-- Creation of DCP.

May 18-- Final QC and technical checks.

March 8-- Cast, crew, bartenders, musicians, extras, and friends converge on The Prytania Theatre for a private screening party. Shuttle bus brings downtown degenerates uptown and back. Afterparty proves legendary, and persons of interest stick to their story at the inquest. Bottom line: triumphant.

March 2-- Coloring complete. VFX cut in.

February 29-- Visual effects (VFX) start arriving in bulk.

February 26-- Mixing complete. Kyoto begins layback.

January 25-- Sound mixing begins at Celtic Media Centre.


November 10-- ADR recording begins at Swelltone Labs

October 23-- Color correction begins by Bradley Greer of KyotoColor

October 15-- Visual effects work begins by DJ Shea, Connor Sullivan, Tim McClain, and John Beyer

September 25-- Final test screening occurs in New York City

July 26-- Final New Orleans test screening at Cutter's on Franklin

June 4-- Final editorial work begins with Ryan Dufrene of Bipolar Bear Productions

May 15-- WE DID IT!! Kickstarter accomplished. Whew! THANK YOU EVERYBODY #TEAMLAUNDRY RULES!

May 12-- New scene released, a disturbing one starring Sam Huffman and Katherine McClain

May 11-- Filmmaker Magazine publishes Randy Mack's Popularity Mechanics: A Beginner's Guide to Curmudgeon-funding

May 10-- Just in time for Mother's Day, the third full scene from film premieres courtesy Stanley Gill at the Hollywood South Bog. The pledges keep rolling in!

May 8-- Second full scene from film premieres courtesy Chris Henson at The Examiner. ALL PLEDGES ARE DOUBLED TIL END OF 5/13!

May 6-- New Orleans filmmaker/cab driver Jo Custer writes a call to arms supporting the film.

May 1-- Film critic Bill Arceneaux publishes an interview with Randy Mack in DIG! Baton Rouge

April 27-- Thanks to Filmmaker Magazine for premiering this exclusive clip from the film!

April 25-- Literally collective Exile 404 will MATCH ALL pledges and pledge boosts until Wednesday 4/29 at midnight!

April 15-- Our Kickstarter launches! Hold on to your hats, it's going to be a wild ride!!

March 16-- Response from industry professionals at SXSW to our trailer is enthusiastic and the decision is made to complete film ASAP.

February 24-- New Orleans screenings at Cafe Istanbul and Second Line Stages were a rousing success. Thank you everyone who attended.


December 20-- Secret NOLA filmmakers-only screening went great, thanks to the enthusiastic crowd who gave great notes and NIMS Center, Todd and Rob, and the Louisiana Film Professionals Network for hosting.

November 17-- Thanks to Glen Pitre for showing the film to his Directing seminar workshop and getting tons of great feedback.

October 27-- Austin Film Society's Bungalow A was the site of a fun and fruitful test screening. Thanks to those who came out.

September 17-- 2nd test screening in undisclosed metropolis (New York City) has a great turnout and Randy flies back to NOLA with a briefcase full of feedback and brain full of ideas.

September 11-- 1st test screening in undisclosed location (Indywood) goes extremely well. Glen Pitre moderates.

September 5-- NOLA Vie looks behind-the-scenes of our First Look Lottery.

August 28-- OffBeat magazine releases feature article on origins of LD.

August 22-- The First Look Lottery goes into effect: 30 NOLA residents and 50 NYC residents from our mailing list will be chosen at random to attend our 1st test screenings in September. Winners will be drawn on 9/7.

August 13-- New Orleans daily news-hub NOLA Defender profiles LD in post-production.

August 6-- Release of 1st full scene from the film, a tribute to the late great Veronica Russell.

July 26-- LD trailer plays at the premiere of Eric Williamson's "American Made" at Jason Vowell's Nova Studios.

July 2-- LAUNDRY DAY trailer plays at the premiere of Brian Kaz's "Bury Me" at the historical Prytania Theater.

June-- Social Media Coordinator Brenna Welch, Executive Producer Claudia Garofalo, composer Peter Orr, and editor Eva Contis join the team.

May-- Last of missing files recovered and backed up. Andrew Bryan turns in first assembly.

April 21-- Cinema Reset hosts "Open Screen" and includes the LD trailer. Randy Mack fills out a short questionnaire.

April 17-- Filmmaker Magazine includes LAUNDRY DAY in its Trailer Watch feature.

April-- Recovery of data. Complete re-sync and re-transcode of 47 hours of dailies.

March 15-- The Western-Digital/Mavericks bug instantly wipes out 16TB of LAUNDRY DAY data, including all the dailies, transcodes, sync, meta-data, and art. The dailies, fortunately, were backed up.

March 8-- Trailer is premiered in Austin, TX during South By SouthWest (SXSW) .

February 12-- Pick-up shoot in the French Quarter.

February-- Owen "Chip" Hornstein and Andy "Andrew" Bryan begin work on the first trailer.

January 22-- Dyverse City hosts Burning Annie screening, featuring the debut of the LAUNDRY DAY sizzle reel.

January-- 1400 4k clips logged, colored, backed-up, and synced.


Dec 30, 2013-- Wrap principal photography

Dec 2, 2013-- Begin principal photography

Sept 2013-- John Beyer completes teaser edit and director Randy Mack brings it to IFP Week in New York City.

May 2013-- Teaser shoots over a weekend with the Greenhouse Collective.