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A fight in a 24-hour bar-laundromat-club
between four New Orleans hustlers

a desperate musician
a corrupt bartender
a homeless street performer
& the city's worst drug dealer

is revisited from each perspective,
revealing a seedy and intricate web
of unintented repurcussions and service industry calamity.

Magnolia meets Barfly meets Tangerine

Still Photos and Behind-The-Scenes Pix

Rejected tagline archive:

"Don't get caught with your pants down."

"Thank God it only comes once a month."

"A terrible day to be carrying a load"

"1 day in New Orleans can be 4 lifetimes"

"Everyone's got their reasons."

"Beyond Mardi Gras. Behind Bourbon St. Before the Nightlife. "

"Four hustlers. Three sheets to the wind. Too late to turn back. One day."

  Dedicated to the memories of
Claudia Speicher
Jim "Soberman" Baker
Veronica Russell